Saturday, September 10, 2016

Diane Puttman's Banish Tonsil Stones Guide PDF Free Download

Diane Puttman's Banish Tonsil Stones Guide PDF free download. I think you all should know I HATE my tonsils. Hate them. With a burning passion more intense and powerful than the heat of a thousand suns. Why? Because aside from them being TOTES useless, I happen to be prone--very prone--to some horrible little beasties called "Tonsil Stones" which do a lot of terrible things, by far the worst of which is the ear aches. That's right! Ear aches. From my tonsils. Every so often I know I have a bad tonsil stone that will make it feel like there is fluid and pressure in my ear, so much so I can't even sleep on that side or touch my ear at all. Like today. Much fun. I'd love to get these FECKIN things removed, but being a broke millennial sort of means I'll be settling for scissors and a load of cotton balls......wish me luck...

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